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Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom Foot Orthotics

What is an Orthotics or Custom Foot Orthotics?

Custom foot orthotics are specially made prescribed medical devices that when inserted into your shoes helps supports, align or accommodate foot deformities or poor mechanics.

Do I Need Orthotics: Talk to you medical practitioner( MD, PT, MT, Foot Specialist) to determine if orthotics will help you in your daily activities.

How will a custom Foot orthotics Helps: Orthotics Provide improved stability through balanced force redistribution and aligns your feet. It’s not help to alleviate foot pain but also help to reduce stress on ankle, knees, and hips and lower back.

When do I need to wear an orthotics?

As often as possible! Orthotics works well when worn in proper shoes.

Customized Orthotics in Kitchener

We are specially trained to do fittings for custom orthotics, the custom-made, three-dimensional inserts you place in your shoes to ease pain and discomfort caused by lower limb injuries/deformities.

Orthotics are particularly helpful for patients dealing with symptoms from a variety of injuries including plantar fasciitis, heel spur, flat foot, neuromas, and foot and ankle tendon injuries as well as those impacted by arthritis or diabetes or by work that involves prolong walking or standing.

Customized orthotics can assist patients plagued by persistent back pain as well.

Amazing fact about your feet (quoted from premier orthotics labs)

  • Average person will walk about 115,000 miles in their lifetime which is about 4 times walking around earth
  • 100 tons of pressure is put on your feet everyday
  • There are approx 250,000 sweat glands in a pair of feet!
  • 52 bones in your feet (pair) makes up a quarter of the total bones in your body
  • By age 12, a child’s foot reaches about 90 per cent of its adult length!
  • Our 2 Feet are never similar, there are subtle differences
  • 75% of North American will experience foot problems at one time in their life!
  • Afternoon are the best time to shop for shoes because other feet are swollen most during that time!
  • 9 out of 10 women wear shoes that are too small for them and hence they are four times more prone to foot problems then men!
  • Your feet are the first to indicate signs of any impending ill-health!

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