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Jaw pain

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Your jaw which is also referred as TMJ/ Temporo-mandibular joint is a Hinje joint, which connects your jaw to temporal bone ( see image). It lets you to open and close your mouth.

Problem with your jaw and muscle around are referred as TMJ disorders/ TMj dysfunction


Injury to you jaw like heavy blow, Motor vehicle accident, Work related injury etc

Grinding of teeth on regular basis

Increase movement of the disc betwenn the joint


Tight muscle around jaw

stress which can cause muscle around jaw to tighten and can give pain.


pain in jaw, neck , headaches, shoulder  or in ear while chewing or at rest.

Problem in opening and closing of mouth

Locking of jaw while opening and closing

Clicking , popping  sound when you open or close

Tired feeling in your face

troublke chewing

swelling on face

Differential Diagnosis:

Doctor, Denstist can help you make sure its not teeth related pain , because teeth pain can mimic jaw pain.

Here at Kitchener Physiotherapy and Wellness, Our Physiotherapist do thorough Assessment of your TMJ joint, muscle around jaw and TMJ disc. Plan of care will include treatment, exercises and home remedies.

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