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Steps to take post Motor Vehicle Accidents for physiotherapy

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In the event that you have had a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA for short), you might be uncertain how you can get the physiotherapy care you require.

Here are the steps to start recovering with physiotherapy at Kitchener Physiotherapy & Wellness post Motor Vehicle Accident.

1. Ensure you have contacted your vehicle insurance agency to tell them you have had an accident. They will help you to establish a claim and will assign you a claim number, which you will require to begin your treatment.

2. Book an initial MVA Assessment Kitchener physiotherapy. We will help you to put together your necessary MVA paper work inorder to assess and treat you. Bring your claim number during first visit.

3. Arrive 15-30 min prior your first visit. One of our gathering staff can enable you to finish necessary intakes.

4. The accompanying Forms are required to be finished with the end goal to process a MVA claim:

OCF-1 Application for Accident Benefits: Need to submit this form to insurance company as soon as possible. It will come with package which your insurance company will send you

OCF-5 Permission to Disclose Health Information: This form enables us to talk with your treatment group, including your doctor(s) and insurance agencies.

OCF 3: Disability Certificate

OCF-23 First page or OCF - 18 First page: This form relies upon your MVA claim, and your physiotherapist will be upbeat to tell you which to finish.

5. Your Initial Visit: Your physiotherapist will completely assess you to decide your extent of your injuries, prescribing a treatment plan for ideal recovery. We recommend booking your arrangements early with the end goal to get the physiotherapist and times that work best for your recovery. .

6. Payment: IF you or your spouse have extended Health coverage(EHC), we need to exhaust that first. Once you will exhaust your benefit you will get a letter from EHC insurance company. We submit that letter to MVA insurance company, then they will begin to pay ( At Kitchener Physiotherapy & Wellness we do direct billing to MVA insurance company,we also do direct billing to EHC if your insurance company allows).

In the event that you have any inquiries concerning any of the above mentioned steps, or please call us on 226-215-3114.

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